Hair Boredom…Yet Again.

If you know me, you know I change my hair a lot. I just get bored with it easily. So, I’m thinking of going shorter. Here’s a picture of my current style and some pictures of some styles I like and am drawing inspiration from. Basically something more funky and less polished looking. I’m thinking of doing something different with the color too, like maybe a little more chunky highlights in blonde and red, while keeping the darker base color. Any suggestions?

My current hairstyle

Some ideas I’m looking at

I like the bottom right picture here


7 thoughts on “Hair Boredom…Yet Again.

  1. Hey-
    Before I even read any of your posts, I was thinking the 3rd and
    4th ones as well. I don't know if its just cause the girls are cute in the pics though… Cause I like your hair now. But I know how u have to be the trendiest person around!


  2. I like the third one down. Back when I was dating, I seemed to go through crazy dramatic hair changes whenever I broke up with a guy. It made me feel like I was starting over and starting new. Now that I'm married I've had the same boring hair style since I met my husband. I think you've inspired me to try something new!

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