Lions and Tigers and Grandmas?

My grandma is home from Florida (where she moved last August and I’m still not really ok with it) for a few months for my little sister’s wedding and my cousin’s wedding. On Monday, we all headed to the zoo. When I say “we all”, I mean Brian, the boys and I, my sister Dana and her husband and daughter, my sister Delyn, my Mom and Dad, my cousins Rachel, Erica and Bryan and my grandma. It was such an awesome day. The kids and all the adults had a great time (and I got a great workout from all that walking and pulling a wagon). It was just a really nice day with all of us spending time together and I’m thankful we had the opportunity to spend the time with my grandma and make those memories. God is so good.

Here are some pictures from our day at the zoo.

My beautiful grandma and I.

Asher and a seal.

Asher, Gavin and Riley in the Arctic Circle.

My goofball husband. I think I may see a resemblance here. LOL

Gavin and I. He’s going to be as tall as me before too long.

Asher getting a little ride in the stroller from my niece, Payton.

Brian skipping along with Asher and Payton.

Riley and a little duck.

Asher and Riley looking at the seals.

A close-up of my beautiful grandma and I.


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