One of the cutest things ever!

So, you may have read that blog I wrote about the pug I found on Friday and how the people were so excited and thankful to get her back. Well, today I’m here at home and the doorbell rings and when I go to the door, there is Maddie’s (that’s the dog’s name) owner with flowers for me. She gave me a big hug and told me how thankful they were that I had found her and took such good care of her and that I had been out trying to find her owner. She had tears in her eyes and told me it just meant so much to her to have her back safe. It was so sweet and then she showed me the card in the flowers and said “These are from Maddie”. The card read “Thank you from Maddie (the pug)”. I just thought it was one of the cutest things ever. The flowers and her thankfulness just really made my day and I’m so glad I was able to reunite a family with the pet they love so much.

This is Maddie

These are the flowers her owner, Barb, brought me today.


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