It’s Been A While

It’s been really busy around here, but now things are starting to wind down…sort of. I can’t believe how quickly Christmas and New Year’s went by. I guess it seems that way every year though. We had a really great holiday and shared some really good times with friends and family. Now, we’re heading into new things, like Gavin starting up Salvation Army basketball. He’s excited and so are we. That’s the only new thing on our weekly schedule and I think that’s good because our family doesn’t seem to do real well if there is a ton going on. I think we like more down time than we like to be running off to several things, so this suits us just fine. Life is really good and God has blessed us so much. We have seen some major things happen in our life lately that just confirms our faith and is making it grow more and more each day. 2009 looks like it’s going to be a great year!

Here are some pictures from Christmas 😉

Asher wishing you a Very Veggie Christmas

Gavin, Riley, Asher and Payton on Christmas Eve with their new blankets from Grandma.

Asher with George, that he got from Grandma (he hardly ever puts him down)

Riley with his new Ben 10 Alien Force guy from Aunt Delyn

Gavin with some of his new Legos


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