Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree Day and Potty Training All Rolled Into One!

Well, as it is for most people, we have been crazy busy kicking off the holiday season. Amidst the usual holiday stuff, Asher is finally potty training. I could not be more blissfully happy about the idea of not having to buy diapers or change poopy pants in the near future. Other than that little process we have going on, we are just busy being thankful for all that we have. Our kids have said some really profound things over the past couple weeks and Riley even asked if he could pray before Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Cindy’s house (which he did and did a really good job). Our kids are really starting to see God working in their lives and loving Him and there is nothing I want more than that. Gavin even made a big cross out of sheets of paper that he colored and taped together and wrote “Jesus died for me” on it and stuck it on his bedroom door. Now, I’m not usually a fan of things being stuck on bedroom doors, but you better believe this Momma is leaving that one up! We also started (about a month ago) reading a Bible story from the Beginner’s Bible every night, as well as doing a devotion from the devotional book that Asher got at a Family Journey In Faith event at church. The kids have been responding very well to it and like to take turns reading the stories, then we all discuss the story and pray. It’s been really great for our family. We’re taking a break from that for a while because we just started a family Christmas devotions book that we are doing each night and when we’re done reading it and discussing and praying, the kids get to have their chocolate from their advent calendar. It’s a fun way to end the day. God has been very good to us and it’s good to see the kids realizing that and wanting to thank Him. I think this is going to be our best holiday season yet, now that we’re really focusing on the true meaning of Christmas.
Now, without further ado, here are some pictures from Thanksgiving, potty training and Christmas tree day! I may add more later, but this site uploads pictures so slowly that it drives me crazy!


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Christmas Tree Day and Potty Training All Rolled Into One!

  1. Great Pics, and I am thrilled you will be out of diapers LOL!!! That is always a major accomplishment!!!! I am so glad you had a wonderful Thanks Giving. God Bless Love Mom K.


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