Basketball, Veggietales and a Cotton Candy Sky

This post is full of a variety of topics. I figured I might as well post them all together instead of in 3 separate blogs, so here we go…

Gavin and Riley started their basketball leagues last weekend. Since we only have one camera and their games were at two different schools at the same time, we only were able to get pictures of Riley. However, pictures of Gavin are to come. Anyway, Riley is hilarious when it comes to basketball. He wants to play, but he definitely doesn’t see any need to be in the least bit aggressive when it comes to getting in there and getting the ball and taking a shot. He has a great time though, so that’s all that really matters. Here are some pictures of him at his first game of the year.

Riley with his friend Joshua out on the court.

My little basketball cutie!

Riley has a very unique way of holding his left hand when he dribbles, which can be seen here. LOL

Asher has a new love…Veggietales. I decided to ask on Freecycle for any kind of Veggietales stuff anyone may have and a girl emailed me back and told me her daughter’s room had been completely decorated in Veggietales and I was welcome to all of it! I went and picked it up on Wednesday and I decorated Asher’s room with it yesterday. The kid was so blissfully happy, it was adorable. I should’ve taken pictures of all the stuff she gave me. There’s a clock, picture frames, tons of these really cute figurines with sayings on them, a shoe organizer, etc. Anyway, here are some pictures of Asher posing on his bed with his new Veggietales pillows. You should have seen how mad he was when I told him they had to be washed before he could have them on his bed. Then, when I got them out of the dryer, he took them into his room. When I went in, his old pillow was thrown on the floor and the Veggietales ones were in it’s place. It was so cute.

Laying down on his new Veggitales pillows.

Yay, I love Veggietales!

Big Asher smiles!

This is my newest trick I like to do on my bed.

Mom, what are you doing?!

And last but not least, I took some pictures of the sky this morning. The kids and I like to call the sky a “cotton candy sky” when it is pink and blue. It had changed to more pink and orange by the time I got home and was able to take a picture, but that’s ok. It was just so pretty and deserved to be captured in photos…enjoy!


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