So, excitedly I go to the dermatologist today to finally take care of this insane acne that has decided to take over my face in the last year. It truly is as though I am going through puberty for a second time. Well, I’m not havin’ that. So, as I said, excitedly I go to the dermatologist today…

My dermatologist has a huge, nice new office now (instead of the one that used to remind me of some dingy free-health clinic you might see in a movie or something) and I sit in the waiting room looking around and checking the place out. A nice guy named Jose calls my name and leads me back to a room and asks me what I’m there for. I tell him for the hideous acne that he may have noticed invading my face. He laughs and says he didn’t notice, so it must not be that hideous. He fills some stuff in on my chart and tells me the doctor will be in in a few. So I wait…

In comes my doctor and we immediately get down to business. I explain the problem that is plaguing me and he examines my face and agrees that something needs to be done and he proceeds to write me some prescriptions and tell me he’s going to take some samples from my acne. That sounds yummy. I proceed to make a few jokes about different things and he says “Sarcastic humor, that’s my absolute favorite.” and I tell him that’s good because I’m full of it. He does the sampling and when he gets to a zit that I’ve been popping repeatedly for days in the crease of my nose, he says “Oh, that was awesome.” I’m feeling insanely gorgeous by this time, let me tell ya.

All’s well until he asks me if there’s anything else he can do for me and I say “Oh yeah, I wanted you to look at the scar from the mole you removed on my back last summer.” I turn around and lift up my shirt and he says “Whoa, that’s one heck of a keloid.” For any of you who don’t know what that is, here’s the definition: an abnormal proliferation of scar tissue, as on the site of a surgical incision. Well, I’m no stranger to keloids, I’ve had a few doozies and get my lovely scarring skin from my father. He then proceeds to show me quite the scar on his hand that is flat now, but he says that is was once like the scar on my back and some injections made the dramatic difference. So, he proceeds to get the injections ready…

REWIND: “So, excitedly I go to the dermatologist today to finally take care of this insane acne that has decided to take over my face in the last year.” In no way was I expecting any form of shot, injection or the like. So, you can imagine how I felt at that moment as he was getting things ready. I said in a joking manner “Oh, that should feel good.” and he looks at me with sympathy and says “It really is going to hurt, I’m sorry.” Yay, I feel so much more at ease now. Thanks. He has me lay down on my stomach and says, “I know what this feels like because I’ve had it done before and I know it hurts, so bear with me.” He sticks the needle in and I think “I’m cool, I can handle this.” and then the intense burning and feelings of a sharp object being jabbed into my scar take over. I let out a little grunt and proceed to kick my foot ever so slightly on the table and tell him I’m sorry and he says “Hey, do whatever you have to do to get through it, because I know it’s miserable.” Well, it was and I was still in pain for a few hours after it. Right now though, it feels ok and I’m excited to see how it does. He did say that I may have to have a couple more injections, but I guess that would beat having this big ugly scar that I can sometimes see through my clothes and that I’m super self-concious someone who hugs me or puts their arm around my waist will feel.

All in all though, it was a good visit. I got some things taken care of that I’ve been needing to do and I’m looking forward to a zit-free face. So, wish me luck that the medications he gave me will clear my face up and that my scar will get better without having to have too many injections!


2 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Ouch and OUCH!(hugs) babe. I hope you’re not sore long. And I hope that clears quickly. I have some scars that I should probably have checked out too…I just keep putting it off.


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