Asher Photo Shoot

So, I’m seriously loving the alone time that Asher and I have while the other boys are at school. I really feel like he and I are bonding in a way we never have before and his behavior is greatly improving. He isn’t telling me no constantly and he’s just being more cooperative and pleasant. I think this alone time is just what we needed. I’m really trying to work on the whole “going on the potty” thing, but he still doesn’t seem all that interested. Hopefully if I keep at it though, he’ll get the hang of it soon. We love sitting and having breakfast together everyday after we drop the boys off at school and he gives me hugs and kisses constantly throughout the day. He hasn’t even been fighting me about naps! Yesterday he walked right in when I said it was naptime and he crawled in his bed and said “I’m taking a nap and when I get up, we’re gonna go get the boys.” I said, “That’s right!” and he just laid down and smiled at me and said “Goodnight”. I couldn’t believe that actually happened! Anyway, it’s just been blissful having the house all quiet during the day. No arguing and whining, no excessively loud t.v., no running through the house…just blissful.

Today, while I was taking some pictures of stuff to list on ebay, Asher asked me to take his picture and then proceeded to do a little photo shoot. Man, I love this kid. He’s so stinkin’ cute and just cracks me up. So, here it is, his photo shoot. Can you handle the cuteness?

Oh, I’m so cute!

Hey, are you getting this, Mom?

Here’s my tongue.

I’m gonna close my eyes now.

Isn’t it funny that I have my eyes closed?

Here’s my scary eyes! (This one made him giggle when I showed the pictures to him.)


2 thoughts on “Asher Photo Shoot

  1. I’m enjoying it with Everly too and I know JUST what you mean!! Her behavior change has definitely been noticeable!!!Asher, you are too dang cute.Go reread my blog entry today – I updated it at the bottom just after you commented. Go tell me how much I ROCK. 😉


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