Those Summer Days Will Wear A Kid (or 3) Out!

Brian and I were sitting down in the family room downloading some songs to put onto our MP3 player for the upcoming week at camp and the kids were running back and forth through the house playing, wrestling, etc. It was the usual chaos that ensues at the end of the day in our house and we were doing our normal routine of trying not to go insane. Things started to quiet down and each of the boys came down and got a blanket to go watch t.v. and settle down. After a few minutes, Asher came down all irritated and said “Gavin, he’s sleeping with the blanket. I want to watch t.v. and eat Cheez-its.” He crawled up onto my lap and ate some Cheez-its, then jumped down and danced to some of the songs we were downloading. When he got tired of that, he headed up into the living room and before we knew it…all was quiet. Brian and I decided that it was probably bed time and we went to tell the kids that they needed to go to bed and this is what we found…

I guess all that playing outside during the day in the sprinkler, riding bikes, playing basketball, swinging, etc. knocked their little butts out. They really must have been tired, because this morning when we were having crazy storms with booming thunder that was shaking the house and even kinda freaking me out, they never moved a muscle. If only bedtime were that easy all the time.


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